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Bamboo Clothing Seamless Active Top Bamboo Clothing Seamless Active Top
Bamboo Clothing Seamless Active Top 4

One of the problems with clothing when you exercise is how easily it can ruck up and bunch itself in the most awkward of places. Before you know it, you’ve got blisters and rashes all over yourself during what should be a simple, easy and safe way to get fit and enjoy yourself! Most of this rucking tends to centre around the stitching in your clothes, so one way to get around this problem is to remove the seams.

That’s what BAM have done their level best to achieve here. Obviously, they’re not going to get rid of all the seams, that’s not really practical (is it even possible?) but what they have done is move the most obvious, problem-causing seam away from the shoulder joint and made the piece of material covering your shoulder and upper arms join the body of the top across your shoulder blades and just above your pectoral area. Not only does this help limit the rucking up of the material but it also gives you a better freedom of movement as you’re not fighting against the natural pull of one material panel against another, no matter what exercise you’re attempting.

As you would expect from BAM this top is made using bamboo viscose and so is great for moisture absorption and breathability, not to mention it is far more ecologically sustainable than the more traditional cotton used in most clothing. It also makes use of Amni Soul Eco which is a specially formulated nylon that has been designed to degrade in the space of a few years as opposed to 100’s that you typically see with most synthetic materials. This makes this top not only super soft and comfortable but generally better for the environment on the whole so, win-win! RRP £44

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Better for the environment than most clothing company’s products, soft and comfortable and ideally suited for a work-out.
  • Very comfortable
  • Ecologically sound
  • Less bunching
  • Ease of movement
  • Fast-degrading nylon is great but am I the only one that wants my clothes to last longer than 3-5 years?