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Bell Super Air R Spherical Bell Super Air R Spherical
Bell Super Air R Spherical 5

When it comes to rolling down mountains at top speeds it’s advisable you wear the correct helmet, the Super Air R Spherical from Bell is packed with features to keep you safer on the trail.

This helmet comes in nine different colours, we received the Matte/Gloss Blue/Hi-Viz which is an attractive teal blue and yellow combo. The Super Air R Spherical comes with the 2-click removable chin bar, a well-known feature in the Bell helmets, 144grams have been shaved off its predecessor and it is packed with ventilation strips to keep things light and airy. The Spherical Technology powered by MIPS is a clever set up that uses a ball and socket design with the inner and outer shell of the helmet, this means in the event of a collision the impact is directed away from the brain by rotating the outer shell. This has been created without compromising the weight, comfort or ventilation of the helmet, impressive stuff.

The MIPS technology, multi-directional impact protection system uses a leading slip plane structure which reduces the over-all rotational force from impacts. Gaining a precise fit is straightforward thanks to the adjustable dial at the back of the helmet, the Goggleguide Adjustable Visor is suitable for both goggles and glasses and works with or without a visor attached. There is a smart over brow ventilation system that pushes in the cool air through the air channel matrix (18 helmet vents, 8 chin bar vents and 4 brow ports) which covers the entire head whilst the sweat guide pad pulls moisture away from the eyes. The helmet is made from a fusion in-mould polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam lined inner, the layering within the helmet with different thicknesses of EPS help to absorb and transfer the energy from the impact. Even with the best ventilation in the world, mountain biking can work up a bit of a sweat, the X Static Padding has been added for comfort that is made up of quick drying materials and has silver fibres woven in to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. There is a lot to love about this helmet, the stylish sporty look, lightweight and comfortable fit and all the protective technology makes it a trustworthy companion to take out on the trail. RRP £224.99

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A highly protective and comfortable mountain biking helmet.
  • MIPS and Spherical Technology
  • Highly ventilated
  • Comfortable
  • Quick and straightforward fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Removable chin bar
  • Goggleguide adjustable visor
  • 9 different colours