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Blaze Wear Active Glove Liners Blaze Wear Active Glove Liners
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We have Raynaud’s syndrome in our family, on colder days we will often compare the state of our hands to see who has the most zombie like fingers, gloves are the obvious answer however when your fingers are already numb it can take a long time for them to heat up again.

The Active Glove Liners from Blaze Wear take warmth to a new level with an active heating element that evenly distributes heat around the glove. These liners have been designed to be worn beneath your standard gloves but can also be worn on their own (although you will want the heat switched on), these gloves are available with or without the battery pack, although they are high quality gloves, £89.99 without the battery is still more than I would be willing to pay. When you add on the battery pack it brings the price up to £139.98 which is a lot of money but worth it for the guaranteed heat boost.

The material around the hands is thin, soft and very flexible, they easily fit under winter gloves but the extra layer can restrict movement a little when inside tighter gloves, the battery is stored in the cuffs with a waterproof zip, this is more bulky than the material on the hands, which could clash with gloves with longer cuffs, ski gloves for example. The tips of the index finger and thumb are touch screen sensitive so you can still use your phone without exposing your skin to the elements.

The adjustable heat levels offer four different options with a maximum temperature of 55°C, the battery will last 1.5hours at this level and up to 5hours on the lowest heat setting, the heat is sent into the gloves quickly and wraps around each finger (usually the coldest part). The advanced flexible carbon fibres can be bent and compressed without compromising their technical integrity, the gloves can even be handwashed if they become dirty.

The Active Liner Gloves are a brilliant for anyone with Raynaud’s, circulation issues or just hates having cold hands, they are wonderfully comfortable and that fast acting heating element ensures they remain toasty warm in even the coldest weather. RRP £139.98

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High quality heated glove liners that quickly warm your hands on even the coldest days
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Flexible heating element
  • Fits underneath regular gloves
  • Hand washable
  • Touch screen sensitive
  • Charge both batteries at the same time
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Short battery life on highest temperature
  • Bulky cuffs might clash with winter glove cuffs