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BlazePod Trainer Standard Kit BlazePod Trainer Standard Kit
BlazePod Trainer Standard Kit 4.5

I have always had a theory that everyone can enjoy exercise they just need to find the right version for them, if lifting weights sounds boring or the thought of joining a gym class fills you with dread don’t despair, there are loads of ways to keep healthy and have fun all from the comfort of your own home.

The BlazePod kit is a great way to inject some fun into a training session and work your brain out at the same time, they come in the form of light up touch sensitive pods that get you moving around with visual signals. There are various kits to choose from, but we are taking a closer look at the Trainer Standard Kit, this comes with six pods, six straps, suction cups and a charging base which all work alongside the BlazePod app.

These clever pods have an auto connection distance of 40 meters, this might limit some training exercises but is more than suitable for interval training, circuits, boxing, martial arts and much more within the home. The pods have inbuilt RGB LED lights with eight colour options, the durable and weatherproof (IP65 rated and UV protected) design means they can be used inside and out, they can be activated by your hands, feet, heavy wall balls and boxing gloves. The setup is user friendly, no buttons or moving parts to worry about, they stack up on top of the charging base, light up green when they are ready to go and will last up to 12 hours from one charge depending on the exercise, if you are using them at home the battery life is more than acceptable but personal trainers may find they will need to charge more often.

There are lots of pre-made workouts available on the app, ranging from reaction challenges, agility, strength, decision making and more. If you are in a predefined activity or a custom activity that contains “number of players” in the settings, then you can click on the plus icon to add more players if you’d like to have more than 2 (the max number of players is the amount of Pods minus 1. Custom exercises can be created in the app from the easy-to-select light logics which lets you generate endless visual cues to personalise your training, the straps and suction cups let you arrange the pods in a wide range of configurations and height levels.

The only issues we found were that when they are simply placed on the floor the lightweight design means they are easy to push out of position, this can be used in your favour however as it then requires more concentration and precise movements, they were also slower to react with very sweaty hands so keep a towel close by to wipe off between sets. The BlazePod kit is a lot of fun, dashing around tapping the pods feels like you are participating in a 1990’s game show and getting a friend or the kids involved makes it even more enjoyable, it switches your brain on as well as your muscles whilst the app can track your progress and show you how much you have progressed.

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Refresh your workouts with these challenging and entertaining pods.
  • Good fun
  • Lots of preloaded workouts
  • Customise workouts
  • Portable
  • Works your body and brain
  • App tracks progress
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Slower to react with sweaty hands
  • Can move out of position