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Bookman Curve Light Set Bookman Curve Light Set
Bookman Curve Light Set 4.5

Road safety is important, especially if you’re a cyclist. Despite recent changes in the law and the Highway Code ensuring drivers give you more room, you still need to be seen and a decent set of lights are essential when riding in low light or at night. Well, they’re a legal requirement (just a little reminder for those that seem to think they don’t have to have them! You know who you are…) so a little more than ‘essential’ but you want ones that are going to give you the best visibility, right?

Trying to find a decent LED that emits enough light and has the battery time to last the distance is not as easy as it sounds however, but this set seems to have hit a fairly good balance between the two. Its lowest setting for the front light is only 15 lumens but, if set to flashing can last up to 70 hours making it ideal for cycling around a well-lit urban area. If a brighter light is needed, you can either have it at a constant 220 lumens for an hour or flashing for 3 hours before it needs to recharge which should be plenty of time for those winter commutes. As you may expect, the rear light is nowhere near as powerful but can last up to two and a half hours, again, plenty of time for most. The recharging only takes about 2 hours and is via a USB port securely sealed with a silicone plug.

One thing I really like about these lights is the way the clear cover ‘wraps around’ the sides, allowing the illumination to branch out to either side of the way the light is facing, allowing far more visibility than your traditional forward-facing light, a win for me! RRP €75

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Not the cheapest LED lights out there but a decent output and higher visibility makes them a worthwhile purchase.
  • Quick charging time
  • Decent amount of light
  • Variable modes
  • IP44 Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Can be a little tricky to fit depending on how your cables are set up.