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Catapult One pod and vest Catapult One pod and vest
Catapult One pod and vest 4
Getting in to professional sports is harder and harder to achieve these days. The requirements are so very demanding and you need proper dedication and commitment, not to mention some natural talent of course! And, most importantly, hard work. But even if you have all of these things in abundance, there is no way of actually knowing how well you are doing without data and it’s fair to say that most of us won’t have access to the kind of equipment that provides the data that is going to help us identify areas to improve in.

The Catapult One pod is a subscription service that provides the hardware and access to the software you need to track and analyse your physical progress when taking part in sporting activities. It records sprint distance, total distance covered, top speed, load and intensity metrics and does this by detecting up to 1200 movements per second. The top provided is designed to hold the pod in the ideal position to achieve this and the pod uses GPS data to make the measurements. From there, the app will advise you on your numbers, give you the ability to compare yourself with other users based on your age, gender and physical attributes so you can get a good idea of how you rate alongside other users and give suggestions for areas that you can improve on. It even has training plans devised by head coaches to follow and is FIFA approved.

The app works on Android and iOS and the price includes12 months of membership that you can renew if you wish at the end of the 12 months and you can even pause your membership if life prevents you from taking part in your physical activities for whatever reason. Finally, the pod itself is IPX6 water resistant so can handle your heavy workouts and the battery is good for the length of several football matches and training sessions so won’t require recharging very often. RRP £159.99

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