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CEEFIT by Seaver CEEFIT by Seaver
CEEFIT by Seaver 4.5

We have fitness trackers for adults, children and even dogs so it only makes sense to have a closer insight into an animal that works out alongside you, no I’m not talking about yoga cats, I’m talking about horse riding.

The CEEFIT by Seaver is a smart fitness tracker that uses sensors to record the training session focusing on your horse’s fitness and performance, it comes in the form of a small sensor that fits into a silicone clip which is adaptable to all girths. The sensor is an inertial unit, that connects via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and has wireless charging, it is both shock and water resistant with a battery that has 2 weeks of standby time and can record 25 hours of training. The unit weighs just 40grams and comes in a black design only, a 3m tape measure is included to take the necessary measurements to create your horse’s profile on the app as well as the wireless charging pad and USB connector to charge your girth from a wall outlet or USB port.

The CEEFIT is guaranteed for two years for production defects, you can add an unlimited number of horses to the app which is available on both Android and iOS, the Seaver app for SmartWatch is compatible with Apple Watch (Series 3 and more) and Samsung Galaxy Watch (equipped with TizenOS4 and more). Take the CEEFIT along with you on your daily trainings and it will track locomotion, courses and jumps and GPS track and speed, with symmetry in trot measured to anticipate a lameness and act before it’s too late. The jump data such as height, angle and amplitude, cadence in approach, push, shift and more, allows you to analyse your courses down to the last detail. The app includes over 100 training exercises, video analysis lets you relive your course with precision, the speed is tracked to objectively work on your rhythm, the dash board shows the heart rate, calories burnt, length and the intensity of the ride. The app is clean and intuitive to work with providing clear data at a glance, the sensor appears to be accurate and gives a good insight into your ride, helping you take care of your hard-working horse and seeing exactly where there’s room for improvement. RRP £229.00

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Track your horses’ fitness and your riding performance via this compact motion sensor.
  • Small, easy to clip on, suitable for all girths
  • Locomotion, courses and jumps, GPS track and speed.
  • Over 100 Training exercises
  • Clear, easy to read data
  • Video analysis
  • Wireless charging
  • Fall detection