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Classic All Surface Swingball Classic All Surface Swingball
Classic All Surface Swingball 4

Swingball is a variation of the classic game of tether tennis known to have existed since the early 1900s, this version was first produced in South Africa in 1967 and arrived in the UK in 1973, by adding in a spiral coil it took the game to new levels of competition.

The Swingball Classic All Surface version has been created to allow for this fun game to be set up on places without a soft surface to push the pole spike into. The whole kit comes packed into the base and has a handy carry handle, this makes it ideal for taking away on holidays or daytrips to the beach. It takes seconds to set up, the poles just slide together, it does neet a little bit of pressure so younger players might need a hand.

The All Surface is suitable for anyone age 6+, the adjustable pole can reach a max hight of 1.65m, it comes with a real tennis ball and two solid plastic championship bats that can be attached to the pole when not in use, there is also a tether hook that can be used to attach the ball to the pole to prevent it swinging around when the game is over. For anyone who hasn’t played before it is super simple, the string starts in the centre of the coil, the idea is to hit the ball so your opponent misses until the ball has rotated around the coil all the way to the top or bottom depending which side you are on, it gets highly competitive and is great for mixed aged groups.

The base needs to be filled with water or sand to ensure a stable base, if using water it is easier to bring the hose to the base as the thin plastic is rather bendy which makes moving it into position when filled a little awkward. The portable All Surface Swingball is a great way of bringing this energetic game to any location, the primarily plastic construction doesn’t feel the most durable, however it ensures lightweight convenience and handled well whilst two competitive adults thrashed out a few games. RRP £29.99

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A portable Swingball set that can be set up on any surface.
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable height
  • Rackets can be attached to pole
  • Portable
  • Entertaining
  • Construction could be improved in areas
  • String can catch on coil at slower speeds