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Compressport 3D Thermo Half Zip Top Compressport 3D Thermo Half Zip Top
Compressport 3D Thermo Half Zip Top 4

This latest offering from Compressport is ideal for those keep-fit fanatics brave enough to venture out in the kind of weather we usually experience at this time of year. Personally, not for me, I’d rather use indoor fitness routines but for some, nothing quite beats being outdoors, even if it is cold and horrible! So, just for you guys, here is the 3D Thermo Half zip Top.

It’s thicker than most of the offerings from Compressport and weighs in at a (still light bear in mind!) 140g’s, giving you an idea of how much ‘chunkier’ it is than most of their range. The long sleeves obviously help as far as staying warm is concerned but the thing that really helps is the thermoregulation brought about by the way the microfibres are weaved together. In simple terms, a layer of air is trapped between the material and your skin leading to what is, in effect, an extra layer of insulation. Because it’s trapped, it’s not subject to the warmth stealing capabilities of the air and so helps to keep your core body temperature regulated and comfortable.

The design of this top also contributes to its thermal abilities with large material panels and very little stitching so that there are less points where heat could potentially be lost. And the placing of the stitching vastly reduces potential itching and rucking points. Built in is an extra-high collar, useful for when the wind really picks up or for especially cold days and in contrast to this, you also have the half-zip for when the going gets a little too warm. It’s worth noting that this top is designed to be a base-layer and worn underneath other items of clothing unless it’s a little more mild in your area, lucky you! Finally, the sleeves also provide localised compression for extra support on your arm muscles. RRP £110

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A baselayer thermoregulating top ideal for when you want to exercise in colder weather.
  • Sweat wicking keeps you dry
  • Good thermoregulation
  • Helps with your posture due to the knit in the back
  • Easy to cool down quickly with the half-zip
  • Probably of less use in warmer weather