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Compressport Aero SS Trisuit Compressport Aero SS Trisuit
Compressport Aero SS Trisuit 5

It’s hard to get the outfit right for any activity but when it involves swimming, cycling and running to the best of your ability then it’s crucial to have the right apparel, thankfully triathlon wear has been improving at a fast pace even if your training hasn’t.

The Aero SS Trisuit from Compressport has been developed over the years with athletes with every detail considered to ensure the weight is as low as it can be. This suit weighs just 199g which is incredibly light and creates an ergonomic and aerodynamic profile, it is suitable for both general running and triathlons and can be used during training and race days. The built in targeted compression panels support the quads and glutes, reduce vibration, improve blood flow and delay fatigue, the fabric has been constructed to offer 3D thermoregulating, this means it works hard to keep your body cool when you get your sweat on but warm during and post swim.

The ventilation panels integrated in the back and sleeves, ensure fast drying post swim and some breathing space whilst on the bike, there is also micro-perforation and an integrated pad that quickly wicks away moisture to avoid the risk of chafing on the bike and run. The flat seams on the sleeves also prevent rubbing and irritability whilst making sure they don’t ride up the arm whilst in motion. There is a flat, full-length zip that can provide extra ventilation if needed, it also aids in quick changes or toilet stops. There are 3-section, no-bounce pockets that wrap from hip to hip and can be used to store gels and other essentials, keeping them close to hand. The high-tech silicone crotch grip makes for a very comfortable position in the saddle and prevents you sliding forward. The Aero SS Trisuit has managed to cover every element of a triathlon with zero compromise, fast drying and aerodynamic for swimming, integrated chamois and non-slip saddle positioning for cycling and lightweight and thermoregulation for running, it really has it all. RRP £220

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This triathlon suit has been carefully crafted to cover all aspects of the race, providing comfort and support no matter what element you are working on.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Postural support
  • Integrated chamois
  • Lightweight
  • Wrap around mesh pockets
  • No-slip saddle positioning
  • Ventilation panels and perforation
  • Thermoregulation