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Compressport Thunderstorm Waterproof 25/75 Jacket Compressport Thunderstorm Waterproof 25/75 Jacket
Compressport Thunderstorm Waterproof 25/75 Jacket 4.5
Most of us prefer to exercise in ideal weather conditions but, let’s be honest, if you’re keeping up a regime then you can’t really afford to be picky about the weather situation! It’s either good or not-so-good to downright terrible (it’s the UK, what else do we expect?!), especially when it starts to tip it down in typical British weather fashion. Not only are you knackered, you’re wet, your clothes are chafing and you’ve now got to spend extra time on your return freshening up and getting yourself all dry and comfy.

So, a decent waterproof solution would help but who wants to go running in a massive raincoat!? This lightweight Jacket from Compressport has a very impressive 25,000 Schmerber (the way waterproofing of material is measured). Seeing as the average rain shower is about 1-2000 Schmerber, you can see why this is impressive and how it can easily stand up to the worst kind of weather you’re likely to face with you coming out of it bone dry. It achieves this through having a 3-layer, breathable membrane (75,000 rating where 10-20,000 is the normal standard for sports gear) and through being treated with a Durable Water Repellent that prevents water from gaining access to the interior. Water beads on the outside and runs off with no chance to soak through. It only weighs 126 grams too so you barely even feel it while running and, when the rain stops (if it does before you get home of course!) it easily rolls up in to itself so you can stash it away or tuck it in to your belt until needed again.

On top of this waterproofness it has also been designed with minimum material in mind so you don’t end up with excess that gets in the way or slows you down. The neck is designed to prevent the hood from obscuring vision and it even has reflective strips on the cuffs with panels on the back and front for added visibility. You can’t do much better. RRP £300

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