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If you’re a budding tri-athlete (or a seasoned pro for that matter) the last thing you need is clothing that weighs you down. You’ve done the swimming part and have hastily divested yourself of your swimsuit only to find that you’re drenched in sweat which is hardly a comfortable feeling, let alone how cold it can feel once you get moving on that bike, at least until your clothes dry out that is. What you need is something quick-drying and lightweight. Enter this sexy little number from Compressport.

Firstly, it is very lightweight for what it is, coming in at just under 100g when dry. Granted this isn’t a huge difference from a regular T-Shirt (about 130-170g) but when you’re trying to get that edge in Triathlons, every little helps! Not to mention that regular T-Shirts tend to stay wet for quite a while and this certainly doesn’t due to the lycra material. It’s fast-drying and made from a mixture of Polyester and Polyamide, giving it a very smooth and comfortable feel helping it to fulfil its next function as a ‘second skin’. This feature is further enhanced by the texture of the material that helps to reduce drag and the lines built in to the top and sides that add to the aero-dynamic abilities of the top. It’s been designed with the help of a top athlete and by using a wind tunnel. If that isn’t proof enough of the effort gone in to making this top, I don’t know what else will impress you! There are ventilation bands down the back that help keep you cool and the air flow regulated to ensure humidity doesn’t build after exiting water as well as thermo regulation that keeps you cool no matter the heat you’re being active in.

Finally, you have two rear pockets designed to hold nutrition packs for when you need those little boosts during your event and a chest pocket to hold a gel pack for the final leg once you’ve ditched the bike. They really seem to have thought of everything! RRP £90

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A top-notch well-designed piece of kit, well worth the investment if triathlons are your thing!
  • Keeps your body temp regulated
  • Aero-dynamic
  • Adjustable zip adds another layer of heat regulation
  • Shoulders are kept straight with the weave helping to keep your core solid
  • Expensive
  • ‘Second skin’ can be a little unflattering sometimes but, if you’re seriously looking to buy this, that’s probably not an issue for you…