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COROS Safesound Road Helmet COROS Safesound Road Helmet
COROS Safesound Road Helmet 5

Listening to music whilst you drive, walk or take the bus can make even the most tedious journey more enjoyable, however, when it comes to cycling you need all your wits about you to stay safe, headphones and two wheels have never been a good mix.

The COROS SafeSound Road Helmet comes in Black, White and Red and features an EOSS, Ear Opening Sound System, audio platform which allows you to safely stream audio and receive phone calls hands-free, whilst still being able to hear the road and the world around you.

That’s not all the Safesound has to offer, the impact detection system will automatically notify your loved ones of your location in the event of an impact to the helmet, the SOS Emergency Alert feature ensures that wherever you are, you can be found. The helmet will detect an impact and automatically send an exact mapping of your location to anyone you put on the emergency contact list within the COROS App, at the same time, the LED tail light will begin flashing S.O.S in Morse code for search and rescue.

The Adjustable Fit System forms a precise fit with small alterations, the updated strap is comfortable, and the updated tri-glide sliders hold both the helmet and EOSS in place throughout the duration of your ride. The EOSS offers clear sound quality without any vibrations, letting you remain aware of your surroundings, the unique design is engineered to direct the audio-flow into the ear, without covering them or leaking out too much noise.

The Smart Remote can be attached to the handlebar thanks to the flexible mounted cradle, this lets you control the EOSS without lifting your hands away from the handlebars, skip tracks, adjust the volume and answer calls on the go. The flashing LED tail light adds some extra visibility to motorists on the road and has a choice of three different light modes On, Off and Auto, during auto mode, a sensor will detect ambient lighting conditions and trigger the LED light to start flashing. The helmet is very comfortable, the premium EPS impact foam keeps things light and the 16 air vents provide a decent amount of ventilation making it a good choice for longer rides. The sound quality is ok, it is a little flat, you have to remember these are like small speakers, it isn’t in-ear or bone conductive, at the same time it has been designed to be enjoyed as background music, your main priority should be concentrating on the road.

This helmet lets you enjoy your favourite tunes safely and adds extra layers of protection thanks to the SOS and LED light, the Safesound Road Helmet is a great choice for regular cyclists. RRP $199.99

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Up the safety levels whilst being able to enjoy your favourite music, pod casts and take calls hands free.
  • SOS Emergency Alert
  • Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS)
  • Premium aero-flow design with EPS impact foam
  • 16 air vents for maximum cool air ventilation
  • LED tail-light for full visibility
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Wind-resistant microphone
  • IPX5 rating
  • Enjoyable sound