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Crossrope Get Lean and Get Strong Crossrope Get Lean and Get Strong
Crossrope Get Lean and Get Strong 4

You could be forgiven for thinking of a jump rope as a toy that kids play with whilst singing rhymes but if you have had a go with one as an adult you will realise just how much of a workout it is, you would do well to be able to catch your breath let alone sing a song.

These jump ropes have been specifically designed to make you sweat, they all use the Fast Clip System, this allows you to switch out ropes with the handles to mix up your workout, changing between lightweight to heavier ropes for a full body session. The Slim Handles in the Get Lean kit have a really nice weight to then, just enough to let them rest in the hands and use your subtle movements to rotate the rope, they have an ergonomic and shape and with a textured finish to maintain a stable grip when the hands get sweaty. They connect to the ropes via a small metal buckle, the rope simply pushes into the buckle and to remove it you just squeeze the sides, and it pops out. The Get Lean kit comes with the 1/4 LB jump rope which is best suited for endurance and HIIT workouts and the 1/2 LB jump rope which is good for beginners and advanced cardio.

These lighter ropes aim to help you burn fat, boost cardio, and build lean muscle whilst the Get Strong set, as the name suggests helps to build muscle and , power with the heavier jump ropes. The Get Strong kit comes with 1 LB heavy rope for high intensity strength workouts and a 2 LB heavy rope for full-body workouts, it also comes with slightly different handles the Power Handles, these use the same Fast Clip System but are chunkier than the Slim Handles and use a slightly different grip pattern. The ropes themselves are durable and tangle-free, making them suitable for use on any surface, they come in four different lengths with a handy height guide, so you know which is best for you, there is also a carry case included to keep them safe.

Of course, these ropes can be used on their own but to take things up a notch there is the free Crossrope App with the option of upgrading to the premium version for £76 for the year. The free version offers basic workouts, one monthly fitness challenge, activity tracking with option to sync to Apple Health and Google Fit and the beginner jump rope tutorials. The premium version provides the full library of 500+ workouts, 30+ challenges and fitness programs to keep you motivated, Crossrope Count that will record your jumps so you can measure your progress, track completed workouts, challenge progress, and calories burned. The Crossrope kits will give you a serious workout, we recommend beginners starting out with the free app to get to grips before upgrading to the premium.

Get Lean
RRP £89

Get Strong
RRP £129

Take your jump rope workout up a level with these weighted ropes.
  • Fast Clip Connection
  • Easy-to-grip handles
  • Durable, anti-tangle rope
  • Smart and user friendly app
  • Premium cost might put some off
  • Different handles for the Get Strong and Get Lean kits