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Dashel Re-cycle helmet in sage green Dashel Re-cycle helmet in sage green
Dashel Re-cycle helmet in sage green 5

So, back when I was a kid, wearing a cycle helmet was the best way to get yourself ostracised and a clear mark that you had over-protective parents. Remember those great big huge things that made your head look like some weird alien had taken over your brain? Of course, we conveniently forgot the fact that, quite simply, head protection can save your life! But hey, when you’re a kid, you feel functionally immortal right? Thankfully these days, people are a little more serious about safety and Dashel have now introduced recycling to the world of safety helmets.

The helmet meets the CE EN1078 certification (European Standard – without this, it wouldn’t be safe enough to sell) and (this is the best bit in my opinion), it’s completely recyclable. Dashel (pronounced Dash-le by the way – it’s a Cornish word for Thistle) will happily do the recycling bit for you and, in exchange, you’ll get a discount on your next one! It arrives in a re-usable drawstring bag and recyclable cardboard box so the impact on the environment is almost negligible. And, unlike cycle helmets of old, this one doesn’t make you look like you have an enlarged head. In fact, so far removed from the old cycle helmets are these that I think it’s fair to say people will no longer be so embarrassed at their efforts to stay alive! I can’t speak for kids however, I’m not one of those anymore, no matter how hard I try…

The only thing I’m not entirely sure about, especially with this colour, is that it puts me in mind of an old World War II helmet… But, if a design is good enough to keep people alive in a warzone, I can’t see a problem with that! RRP £79

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Fully recyclable cycling helmet
  • Meets stringent safety standards
  • Fully recyclable
  • Pads are machine-washable
  • Looks far better than most on the market
  • You’ll have to resist the fancy dress option, unlike Prince Harry that one time…