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DMR Vault flat pedals DMR Vault flat pedals
DMR Vault flat pedals 5

Ah, pedals. Those evil little essential things that have left me with so many shin scars over the years my lower legs don’t seem able to grow hair any more. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em! Pedals, not leg hairs. DMR have been knocking out bikes and bike accessories for over 25 years now so they kind of know a thing or two about pedals it’s fair to say. These particular shin-bashers are made from aluminium with a heat-treated steel axle, making them pretty tough and durable.

The pedal is slightly concave, allowing it to settle nicely in to the arch of your foot and also quite wide so you can more easily find a good place to plant your feet and get the most optimum pedalling stance. The thing that makes these pedals so good however is the customisability of the pins. All the pins can be removed with Allen keys and are therefore replaceable. There are 7 x 6mm pins on the back and front and 4 x 4mm pins in the middle. The 6mm pins can actually be taken out and reversed showing additional 4mm pins so you can adjust where you want that grip to be strongest on the pedal, giving you the control to decide what best suits you and your riding style.

The edges are bevelled so that if you hit an obstacle or the ground, you’re more likely to glance off of it with less impact and the chance of getting stuck as a result is greatly lessened. They also come in a variety of colours so you can pick whatever fits your bike. The only issue is the corners sticking out a little more than most other pedals, hence my shin-bashers reference earlier! Got some new scars now but maybe I should just be more careful… RRP £120

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Pedal to the metal.
  • Fully customisable
  • Relatively light at just over 400g
  • Good grip
  • Nice, secure feel
  • Prone to more shin-bashing than others I have used