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DOXA Jett Jacket Core DOXA Jett Jacket Core
DOXA Jett Jacket Core 4

DOXA is a Danish company developed by runners, for runners, produced to withstand the ever-changing Scandinavian climate. After more than 20 years of running understanding they wanted to focus on the runners’ needs namely protection against wind, rain and snow in the winter and keeping dry, comfortable and cool in the summer.

The founder, John Hansen a life-long competitive runner with a professional background in fashion, launched the brand in 2016 and has been creating versatile apparel ever since. The Jett Jacket Core is a lightweight unisex running jacket that comes in sizes X-Small through to X-Large, it comes in black and that is your only option, we would love to see high vis options available to just make it safer when training but you can always pop a vest over the top if needed. There is some reflective detailing with the DOXA logo on the front and the coordinates of the brand on the back that will be picked up by car headlights to help you to be seen.

The premium bi-elastic (92% Polyester and 8% Elastane) makes for a superlight combination, adding zero bulk on chillier days, it is also stretchy allowing you to move completely naturally in all directions from gentle jogs to powerful sprints. There are thumb loops on the cuffs for a secure fit, keeping the hands warm and dry and the wind out, the material here is silky soft to prevent any irritation on the skin. The hood has an elasticised edge for a snug fit to hold the body heat in, the zip guard prevents the cold zip from touching the skin, although the zip pull can be a little fiddley to retrieve with gloves on. The two generously sized zip up pockets can be used to store essentials like keys, cards or gels, there is a light mesh under the armpits for better ventilation when you get warmed up. There is an adjustable drawstring in waist hem to guarantee a slim profile and stop water splashing up from puddles or the wind getting in. We loved the feel of this jacket, it’s comfortable to run in and stands up well against wind and rain, ideal for year long running, but it’s worth considering the black design if running on country roads in rural areas. RRP €120

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A versatile running jacket for both training and competitions all year round.
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for year-round training and races
  • Adjustable drawstring in waist hem
  • Black only