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Freetrain Therma Run Hat Freetrain Therma Run Hat
Freetrain Therma Run Hat 4.5

If you’re running in poor lighting chances are the weather will be on the colder side too, with so much heat being lost through the head a decent running hat is an important piece of gear, having achingly cold ears on those cold runs just isn’t much fun.

The Therma Run Hat came in claiming to be one size fits all, something that has never worked for me, apparently, I have a small head and my favourite bobble hat was actually bought from the child’s section of the store. However, Freetrain weren’t wrong, the stretch material fits a wide range of head sizes without being restrictive on those larger heads or covering the eyes of those with small heads. Constructed from 90% polyester and 10% spandex this hat has sweat-wicking technology that helps keep you warm and dry on cold-weather runs.

The quick-drying fabric retains insulating properties even if you end up taking a run in the rain whilst the thin and textured material prevents the hat from becoming too warm as you settle into your run by letting the excess heat out. The cut of the hat is lower around the ears keeping them covered, and higher at the front for a clear view and a comfortable fit. The Freetrain Therma Run Hat is the cherry on the top of a collection of great running gear from this brand, helping you to stay comfortable and focused on the run. RRP £19.99

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This fast drying, insulated hat keeps your head and ears warm and dry on those colder runs.
  • One size really does fit all
  • Fast drying
  • Lightweight and insulating
  • Let’s the cool air in and excess heat out
  • Ergonomically cut to protect the ears