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Freetrain V1 Vest Freetrain V1 Vest
Freetrain V1 Vest 4.5

Technology can provide a detailed insight into your workout with a whole host of apps and wearables available, however as smart phones get bigger it can be difficult to find a pocket to squeeze them into.

Freetrain was created by two former professional athletes, who wanted to find a better way to take a phone on a workout. After a few prototypes the final product was completed in 2019 suitable for runners, cyclists and casual gym goers, freeing you from arm bands and hard to reach pockets. I had my reservations about this vest, as a woman I wasn’t sure it would be as comfortable as it would against a man’s chest however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Designed as a one size fits all garment it aims to fit securely but not exclusively for chest sizes 28″ – 48″. Constructed from a smart and stretchy material the V1 can expand generously and mould to the individual’s body shape after a few uses, the waist band is adjustable for a more precise fit. The chest, straps and back panel are all perforated which helps to reduce any extra heat caused by the added layer and there is hi-vis reflective detailing on the front and back for better visibility in low light. The phone holder is a separate pocket attached to the front of the vest via the snap fastening, this prevents the phone from being pressed against the skin and causing friction or over-heating.

The idea is that you can unfasten the snap, fold down the pocket and use your phone thanks to the touch sensitive, transparent window, this works really well and allows you to quickly read a message or check your fitness app on the move, much easier than an arm strap. There is an additional zip pocket on the left shoulder to store a key and an open pocket on the right shoulder that can be used for gels, an inhaler or other small essentials. There is also a compartment at the back of the phone holder that can be used to store cash or cards and additional headphone wiring can be tucked away in a compartment on the inside of the vest.

The vest gaped a little on me at the front, but this didn’t affect the performance, I was worried the phone would bounce about when I jumped or ran however it remained secure throughout the exercise. If I was going to find one thing to change, I would like the shoulder straps to be adjustable just to allow for the personalised fit, saying that I would happily wear the V1 Vest just as it is. I did not expect myself to be converted by the Freetrain, I assumed such a large phone holder wouldn’t be the answer, but I was so wrong. The wide straps are comfortable, it breathes well and even adds a little more steadiness to the sports bra, whilst the reflective detailing improve visibility and the snap fastening means your phone is always within easy reach. RRP £29.99

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A new and surprisingly simple way of taking your phone with you during workouts.
  • Adjustable waistband
  • High visibility reflective print
  • Quick and easy phone access
  • Additional storage pockets in shoulder straps
  • Hidden compartment to hold excess wiring
  • Built in cash, card and energy gel holder
  • Water resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Shoulder straps are non-adjustable