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Gorewear Endure gore-tex jacket mens Gorewear Endure gore-tex jacket mens
Gorewear Endure gore-tex jacket mens 4.5

We’ve all seen those poor cyclists who have had to go through wet and horrible weather with those unfortunate wet and muddy marks up their back kicked up from their rear wheel. In most cases, their top doesn’t cover up their errr… part of the body closest to the saddle and so the wet and cold, at worst, end up slipping down where the sun don’t shine and, as you may expect, it’s not a pleasant experience! Gorewear to the rescue!

This jacket has been designed specifically for those cycling or hiking in adverse weather conditions and it shows. First of all, the back of the jacket is longer than the front, extending low enough that when you’re riding a bike, much of the grime thrown up by your back wheel is directed to the outside of the jacket, protecting your clothing underneath. As well as this, it’s been designed with an overly large hood so that you can cover your head while still wearing a cycling helmet. This is so welcome as most helmets aren’t waterproof (through necessity) and it’s always been a problem when it rains. One further touch that sets this jacket above the rest is the way the elbow space in the sleeves has been designed to work with your elbows’ position while cycling, making for a more comfortable ride, highlighting the care and attention that has been put in to this jacket.

Speaking of waterproof, it may come as no surprise that this jacket is exactly that (it’s Gore-Tex afterall!)! There are Velcro sealers on the cuffs, a drawstring for the hem and the usual level of breathability you’ve come to expect from Gore-Tex. Once this is on and sealed up, you’re staying dry! And, while it’s not wet and grim, you can roll it up for storage and it only weighs about 270 grams, barely worthy of note. RRP £249.99

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A fully waterproof, lightweight, comfortable and well designed jacket, ideal for cyclists caught out in inclement weather.
  • Fully waterproof
  • Enlarged hood catering for cycling helmets
  • Zipped front pockets for storage
  • Lengthened tail for when cycling
  • Hood drawstring can sometimes loosen up while riding and may need tightening on longer rides.