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HUUB Altair Prescription Goggles HUUB Altair Prescription Goggles
HUUB Altair Prescription Goggles 5

Poor eyesight can be a hazard in the pool, images are distorted anyway in the water the last thing anyone wants whilst pushing for a personal best is to slam into the wall at the end of a lap, the HUUB Altair are Prescription Goggles that come with a free pair of prescription lenses.

The left eye and right eye prescription lenses can be selected individually at the point of purchase and are available from -1.5 to -6, in increments of 0.5. The lenses are made from a high-grade polycarbonate, identical to those found in HUUB’s premium goggles, ensuring style doesn’t compromise function, the lenses are interchangeable, the anti-fog coating ensures a consistent clear view all whilst the Smoke finish provides UV protection.

The gasket is constructed from a soft and highly flexible silicone, there are three interchangeable PU nose bridges for a precise and custom fit and the Flexible X-O Skeleton TM Frame is super adaptive for a close facial fit. The soft, flexible and comfortable double silicon head strap is easy to adjust with a centre PU adjustment, the eye cups form a tight seal without creating a vacuum effect or causing discomfort, they feel light and unobtrusive.

Switching the lenses out is a straightforward process, there are three different lenses included with the Altair as well as the prescription lenses, the Yellow Mirror have been designed for lowlight, dusk swims and to spot swim buoys, the Silver Mirror are suitable for pools, artificial light or early morning swims, whilst the Black Mirror are ideal for strong sunlight and bright days.

All the lenses and goggles can be safely stored away in a hard clamshell style zip up case, making it easy to transport in a swimming bag without the risk of scratches. There could be wider peripheral vision with these goggles, it feels a little blocked on the other edges which is worth noting if you are transitioning from goggles with more of a wrap around effect, but the optics provided by all the lenses are crisp, clear and defined.

Other than the opportunity to see properly thanks to the prescription lenses the most noticeable thing about the Altair goggles is how wonderfully comfortable they are, be it a leisurely swim on your hols, open water swimming or triathlon training these goggles are a great choice. RRP £74.99 (Although currently they are £49.99 for a limited period.)

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Don’t sacrifice style over function with these high performing, comfortable goggles.
  • High grade polycarbonate
  • For myopic correction (short-sightedness)
  • Anti-Fog coating
  • Light weight can comfortable
  • Prescription lenses from -1.50 to -6.00 in increments of 0.5
  • Smoke lens with U.V protection
  • Left and right specific lenses