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The scariest thing about cycling on roads is the great big huge 4-wheeled death machines hurtling all around you! Not to mention the fact that many drivers see cyclists as annoyances at best and a danger at worst… Half the reason for this is not being seen and, when it’s dark not even knowing if the car behind you can actually see that you’re turning off, no matter how far you manage to fling your arm out. This is where Indik8a comes in. What a great idea!

Quite simply, you slip these beauts on your hands and, whenever you indicate to make a turn, you tap the button with your thumb. This makes the indicators on the back of your hand flash, allowing other road users to see exactly what you’re doing. Simple. So, what if you forget to turn it off and waste the battery? Or how do you know it’s definitely working? This is the bit I love – it also vibrates when the light flashes! Making it easily usable with an instinctive feel about it, leaving you free to concentrate on the road.

On the technical side of things, there’s no batteries to worry about – it charges via USB and they last for 330 indications per side. Probably a couple of weeks-worth of solid cycling there – enough to cope with the most enthusiastic of cyclists before a recharge is needed! As for the brightness, the indicators themselves are LED and shine at a brightness of 275 Lumens (brighter than most main bikelights) so should be easily seen, even in murky conditions. The straps are also machine-washable – just make sure you take the indicator chevron off first!

The final thing to let you know is that they are very affordable for what they are. A very small price to pay for safety in my humble opinion.. RRP £34.99

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Sensible, easy and intuitive to use and a very easy way to increase your safety on the road
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easy charge – no need for extra batteries
  • Easy to put on/take off
  • Great safety enhancer
  • Adjustable straps allow them to fit over gloves
  • Wouldn’t recommend wearing long sleeves!