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Katusha ICON Bib Shorts Katusha ICON Bib Shorts
Katusha ICON Bib Shorts

Cycling has exploded in recent years as a great way to get fit and healthy, low impact, high cardio and great for building muscles, like most forms of exercise you need to make sure you have the right gear to perform at your best.

The Katusha ICON Bib Shorts feature a new ergonomic line technology with the TM Evo 3D Pad, designed for all-day riding comfort. Let’s start with arguably the most important feature of any cycle bib shorts, the pad, saddles can be rock hard to keep the pressure on your sit bones but to make it bearable you are going to need a bit of padding. The ICON uses an Evo 3D Pad, the front section of the pad features 3D construction which allows for increased volume and improved comfort whilst remaining soft and the eco-friendly E-go fabric sits softly next to the skin.

The Evo 3D Pad has been created by Katusha Sports which has proprietary to them and creates a smooth surface next to your skin, essential to avoid chafing. The updated middle layer of the pad uses cellpur eco-friendly foam which provides reliable moisture management, vibration dumping and faster decomposition times at the end of the product life cycle. This biodegradable fabric is soft, highly breathable and made from Amni Soul Eco, a next-generation yarn created via a process which conforms to eco-friendly principles. The Tencel fibres integrated into cellpur absorb up to 70 percent of their weight in moisture, the moisture is temporarily trapped and released after use.

The Ergonomic Line Technology has increased the volume of the cup at the front and minimises the folding effect on the sides of the hips during the activity (chaps you know what I’m talking about here). The 3D Body Fit Bib design provides a close but natural fit around a variety of rider’s upper body shapes and sizes, there are no pressure points and the ICON remains secure throughout the entire ride. The 37.5 Thermoregulation Technology has been added to help to maintain your ideal core temperature and reduce energy wasted through temperature regulation. When you’re hot, the active volcanic sand particles embedded into the material use your body’s energy to remove moisture and cool you down. When you’re cold, the active particles retain the body’s energy to warm you up, these particles also trap odour and remove sweat in the vapour stage before liquid sweat forms. The ICON is a high performing bib with excellent moisture wicking, the low-cut front makes it easier when nature calls and overall? comfortable fit make these a good choice for long and fast paced rides. RRP £180

ICON Bib Shorts – Asphalt

High performing, temperature regulating with a consistent comfort.
  • Elasticated mesh straps
  • Highly breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • No folding or bunching at the hips
  • TM EVO 3D pad
  • Material soft on skin
  • Recycled Material in the pad's mid layer
  • Wide elasticated band on the legs
  • Stretch round stitching
  • Reflective branding