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Livall RS1 Ski Helmet Livall RS1 Ski Helmet
Livall RS1 Ski Helmet 4

Livall are known for taking an essential piece of safety equipment and packing it with technology. Skiing and snowboarding are exhilarating sports but also dangerous, that’s part of what makes them exciting, right?

The RS1 comes in one model, White, it has a unisex design with an adjustable fit 57-61 cm, it is reasonably light for all the tech packed into it at just 750g and is suitable down to minus -20˚C. So, what can the RS1 do? To start with you will need to download the app and pair your phone to access the smart features, the helmet easily connects to your phone over Bluetooth and remains stable. Once connected you can enable the walkie-talkie function via the one-click PTT (push to talk), this means you can communicate with friends and family, hands free on the slopes, however, this does mean that your friends and family will also need this exact same helmet. The button is a good size making it easy to activate with gloves on, it has an unlimited range but will require a wireless data signal via connected smartphone, which cannot always be guaranteed. The built-in speakers and microphone allow you to take phone calls on the move as well as listen to music, audio books, podcast or navigation prompts.

The SOS Alarm feature is an on-board accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope that can detect a fall, the RS1 with then call for backup by activating the helmet’s personal alarm letting you know it’s been triggered. If you do not require assistance simply swipe the app to cancel the alert during the 60 second countdown, however if it isn’t dismissed the helmet will automatically send a text and/or email alert with your GPS Google Maps location to the emergency contacts you’ve set up in the LIVALL Skiing app so they can get you help. The Anti-Loss Alarm will trigger when your helmet and phone are more than 50m apart, this stops you from leaving behind either your helmet or phone and alerts you if someone decided to make off with either. You can also collect a record of your runs in the statistic log to share with friends or compare next season, the battery lasts 16 hours (48 hours on standby) and is fully charged after two hours via the USB port.

Tech aside this helmet is very comfortable, there are 15 anti-fog vents and anti-fog induction channels to keep goggles clear, a goggle guide and strap lock as well as multiple layers of protection due to in-mould construction (EPS + ABS). We loved the range of features in the RS1 but it isn’t without its problems, for the smart features to work it needs to be connected to your phone which can drain the battery, this can then put you in more of a sticky situation if the battery runs out entirely. The helmet is comfortable but certainly needs to be tried on (with your goggles) before you commit as it was a little large on me, although fitted perfectly on my friend. The ventilation and padding performed well. The sound quality of the calls and the walkie-talkie feature was satisfactory, the speakers aren’t powerful enough to blow you away with immersive music, but this is probably a good thing to prevent you from being too distracted. It is worth noting Livall do not? recommend using the audio or taking calls whilst moving and it has been designed to be used whilst stationary. The RS1 is a good helmet that is comfortable and protective with smart features, which are a handy edition that can be used for short periods (or alongside a power bank to keep your phone fully charged) but shouldn’t be the primary reason for purchasing this helmet. RRP £149.99

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Buy this helmet for its comfort and protection first, audio and smart features second.
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Wind-resistant microphone
  • SOS Alarm
  • PTT Walkie-Talkie
  • Anti-Loss Alarm
  • GPS Voice Navigation
  • Statistic Log
  • Walkie-talkie and phone calls only intended to be used whilst stationary
  • Requires constant connection to your phone
  • Can drain battery
  • Audio quality a little flat when listening to music