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NSD Metallic – Roll’n Spin Titan Pro NSD Metallic – Roll’n Spin Titan Pro
NSD Metallic – Roll’n Spin Titan Pro 4

There are many ways and tools out there to help strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms. I remember way back when I was a teen and learning to play guitar (as we all did back then! Never got anywhere with it though, just like most of us…) I had the good old hand grips to help. My, how technology has moved on since then!

Firstly, the Titan Pro is pretty robust and the shell is made out of an aluminium alloy so can survive a drop to the ground pretty well in case of accidental drops. It’s larger than most other spinners (about the size of a softball) and has a heavyweight zinc core with 10,000 rpm generating just over 22.5Kg of torque. In simple terms, once you wind this up and start rotating your wrist, you’ll feel the resistance as if you were pushing against this much weight and this is where you will build up your strength. The ball itself only actually weighs about ½ a kilo so this gives you a good idea of how much force is being generated. It operates for about a minute at a time and then you’ll need to ‘wind it up’ again – a simple process using your thumbs that isn’t taxing at all. There is no power source needed as a result so no worries about charging it up or paying out for batteries, it’s all based on spring tension and simple gyroscopic design.

It can also be useful as a rehabilitation tool after an injury. Just don’t wind it up to the max and rely on the lower speed and lower torque to exercise your recovering muscles. The LED display is really handy for this but it’s best to seek advice from a professional before going ahead and using it in this manner however. RRP $134.99

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A handy tool to help strengthen those muscles or aid in rehabilitation after an injury.
  • Sturdy construction
  • No power source other than tension
  • Good level of torque
  • Adjustable levels of torque to suit you
  • Can be a bit large for some but it’s designed for athletes with larger hands