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Everyone knows by now that there’s a lot more to sports apparel than just a comfortable fit, even for the most casual ‘keep-fitter’. Take running for example or, more specifically, running shoes. There are certain designs that suit certain uses with some better for getting added speed in your performance and others better suited for an all round contribution. The difference in the height of the sole between your heel and toes is another factor to take in to account as is the cushioning of the sole itself. There’s plenty more things to worry about on top of those, so is it any wonder there’s so many designs out there?

The Cloudsurfer is a neutral set up of shoe – in other words, it works with the natural rolling motion of your foot to create a smooth journey. The heel-to-toe drop (the higher this number, the more suited it is for people that tend to run with their heel hitting the ground first as it puts more load on the knees and hips) is 10mm, which is about average for standard running shoes. In fact, both of those things are fairly standard so what are you paying for and getting with these shoes? Well, the cushioning that On Running have implemented has been brought about by extensive computer analysis and modelling and the resultant design of the mid-sole basically enhances that smoothness brought about by the design, shape and heel-to-toe drop. In other words, most people are going to find running in these shoes an incredibly comfortable experience, which surely has to be pretty high on the list of requirements for a pair of running shoes for anybody I would have thought.

They come in a choice of 4 different colours and range from sizes 6.5 to 13.5 and are also made from 30% recycled material. RRP £150

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Computer modelled mid-soles provide a very smooth running experience if you’re prepared to pay for it.
  • Smooth running
  • Subtle colouring
  • Lots of tech gone in to making these as comfortable as possible