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Orca Men’s Apex Flex Orca Men’s Apex Flex
Orca Men’s Apex Flex 4.5

Orca are a well-known and established company when it comes to water-based sports such as triathlons having been around since 1995. They have a strong reputation for producing good wet-suits suited for every situation (warm and cold-water suits, beginners and expert level for example) and for having a very ethical approach to the gear they do produce, avoiding plastic usage and ensuring their wetsuits last well and serve you for many years if well looked after. The Apex Flex is a great example of their technology coming to the fore for the more experienced athlete.

Constructed with Yamamoto 44+ and 0.88 Free tech, the Apex flex makes use of much of the technology Orca have come to use in their wetsuits. The thing that makes this one different is the lack of added buoyancy. Buoyancy is used in wetsuits to aid people in getting the right shape for swimming through the water and is ideally suited to those who are new to swimming with a wetsuit but the compromise is reduced flexibility. More experienced wetsuit users find there is less need for this as their expertise grows and they develop a more technical swimming technique. So, without the added buoyancy and with the added flexibility this introduces, swimmers are free to make use of their technical ability more freely, making for a wetsuit that allows you to move faster through the water.

The shorter, inverted zipper also adds to the flexibility of the wetsuit as well as allowing speedier removal when transitioning to the cycling part of your race and the hydrophobic nature of the wetsuit makes taking it off that much easier. And, as an added bonus, Orca will plant a coral for every 75 quid spent on their gear. That’s about 7 corals for this wetsuit alone, not a bad trade-off! RRP £589

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