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Orca Openwater Perform Orca Openwater Perform
Orca Openwater Perform 5

Openwater swimming has increased in popularity over the last few years with more people embracing the elements in the name of health. Before you go diving headfirst into your local lido you might want to equipt yourself with the right gear, a decent wetsuit is essential for even the most warm-blooded swimmers out.

The Orca Openwater Perform is the first Orca wetsuit with FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) certification and has been specifically designed for the technically adept swimmers in mind. The FINA certification not only means it has passed the exhaustive tests performed by FINA before they approve products. It can therefore be used in official FINA open water competitions. This wetsuit is ideal for those who want a flexible suit with neutral buoyancy and the thermal insulation to practise and compete in open water.

There is a lot going on in this second skin, the Yamamoto 40 that is used in the shoulders and back alongside the Infinity Skin lining, it’s this material that provides the stretch needed for the arm strokes, can stretch by up to 130% (72% less resistance than a conventional wetsuit) which easily accommodates the wide range of movements that occur in the shoulders. The Yamamoto neoprene also boasts high durability, it is the best neoprene on the market offering both lightweight and high-performance, there is a combination of materials used in constructed panels. Aside from being highly flexible this suit also has thermal insulation, it’s surprising to learn that its thin construction delivers 77% more protection than if you did not wear a wetsuit, this is thanks to the Infinity Skin 2.

Designed from a high elasticity nylon and bamboo fibres, this maintains body heat longer and reduces bad odors (both from you and the water) and the presence of bacteria in your neoprene. It is also composed of natural and environmentally sustainable materials, to avoid skin irritation and to care for the environment. The Orca Openwater Perform is ideal for competitions but equally suitable for hobbyists allowing for completely natural movements in the water and protection from the cold. RRP £299

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Increase performance to competitive levels with this FINA certified wetsuit.
  • FINA certification
  • Highly flexible
  • Insulating
  • Ergonomically cut