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Powerball Hybrid Autostart Pro Powerball Hybrid Autostart Pro
Powerball Hybrid Autostart Pro 4

The Powerball is an interesting piece of exercise equipment we haven’t come across before, this rather inoffensive device didn’t feel particularly heavy upon first inspection so it was hard to imagine how this could work your muscles, fingertips to shoulder like the product claimed.

However, with a quick read of the instructions and a test run it soon became obvious, the Powerball uses precision gyroscope which is made of a fast-spinning rotor enclosed in a solid outer sphere. Designed around the idea that the best products are often the simplest, to get going all you need to do is wind back the precisely balanced zinc rotor, release when you are ready and begin turning your wrist in slow, gentle circles. You remain in control of the speed and if you choose to go a little faster you will feel the resistance increase making it suitable for both non-impact rehabilitation and isometric strengthening of the arm. As the arm works blood flow increases and joint health is promoted by stimulating the production of synovial fluid (the fluid that lubricates and nourishes joints), whilst the grip required to hold Powerball engages the finger flexor muscles and the wrist extensor muscles helping to improve grip strength. The Hybrid Powerball has an LCD Speedmeter and comes with a carry case.

The Speedmeter is powered by magnetic induction, no batteries required and has four different settings to track your strength gains or rehabilitation progress. Weighing less than 500g it can develop up to 28kg/60lbs of resistance at maximum spin speed, this means you can achieve a serious workout with a highly portable device, take it to the gym, work or even use it in the car, wherever you need, the options are endless. The Hybrid is made with a military-grade polycarbonate shell, the vibration free 18,000rpm are comfortable in the hand and has an intuitive feel to it that lets you know automatically if you are doing it right. Physio designed programs get you started with individual videos that focus on each area from fingertip to shoulder and rehabilitation programmes for a wide range of injuries on the website. The Powerball Hybrid Autostart Pro was a pleasant surprise, effective at working a wide range of muscles in the arm in an easy to use, portable unit. Perfect for those looking to gently work their arms, wrist and shoulders, be it rehabilitation from an injury or simply looking to strengthen and tone those muscles. RRP £84.99

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A user friendly arm, wrist and shoulder workout, ideal for rehabilitation and impact free muscle strengthening.
  • Impact free
  • Fingertip to shoulder workout
  • Drop resistant
  • Reversible inner tracks for longer life
  • Rehabilitation friendly
  • Up to 28kg of smooth resistance
  • LCD speed meter
  • Automatic starting
  • Portable