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PRGR Portable Launch Monitor PRGR Portable Launch Monitor
PRGR Portable Launch Monitor 4

When you’re out on the driving range, it’s not easy to get much in the way of feedback of how you’re doing other than what you can see with your own eyes and your golfing partners’ assessment. Unless of course you’re getting coached by a Pro, but how many of us get that luxury? Thankfully we have portable launch Monitors and this is PRGR’s latest offering.

So, first of all you enter the club type you’re going to use and then you place the monitor between 3 ½ to 5 feet behind where you are going to be playing your shot. Then away you go, it’s really that simple. Once you’ve played your shots you can then view all sorts of useful information. The Club Head Speed tells you how fast your club is moving when it strikes the ball and the Ball Speed lets you know how fast the ball is travelling after you strike it. To get your Smash Factor, you simply divide the Ball Speed by the Club Head Speed but, to save you any headaches, the monitor works this out for you! Finally, based on these measurements, the device works out an estimated flight distance so giving you a good idea of how effective your shot would have been.

It’s all presented in a simple, easy to read manner and you can toggle between Carry (the total distance the ball travels through the air) and Total (the estimated distance to the final resting place of the ball) to give you even more information to help improve your game. Based on other devices measuring at the same time, the information you get seems fairly accurate and is so due to a large amount of data PRGR has gathered through practice swings, making this a pretty reliable portable launch monitor. RRP £209 OR RRP £359 when bought as a bundle with the SuperSpeed Set

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A good, accurate monitor to help improve your game that is very portable. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • Clear and easy to read screen
  • Easy to set up
  • Fairly accurate data
  • Saves up to 500 shots
  • No app – would have been nice to have an app to di-sect the data further.
  • Relies on AAA batteries rather than a self-contained one that you can charge.