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Pulseroll 4 Speed Massage Gun Pulseroll 4 Speed Massage Gun
Pulseroll 4 Speed Massage Gun 5

We have already had the pleasure of reviewing the baby brother to this Pulseroll massage gun and were suitably impressed, so we had high hopes with the 4 Speed Massage Gun and spoiler alert, we weren’t disappointed.

This percussion massage gun comes with six attachments heads, ensuring there is an appropriate head for every muscle, and the adjustable four speed setting makes this a highly variable gun. This massager comes with a slim travel case that has a carry strap and room to store all the accessories, weighing 1.1 kg and measuring 25.5 x 16.5 cm it is suitable for taking to the gym. The massage heads are easy to switch out and clean, they include the large round head, this can be used for a general full body muscle massage, ideal attachment for beginners, the small round head can also be used for a full body massage but provides a deeper muscle work. The flat head is used for an increased intensity and depth, the pneumatic head is perfect for those sensitive muscles that might be a little sore from the workout. The spinal head provides a lovely deep massage either side of the spine and lastly the bullet head (possibly my favourite) delivers a localised deep muscle massage, working out the knots with precision.

The speeds range from 1300 RPM on low, 1800 RPM on medium, 2500 RPM on the high-power mode and 3300 RPM on the ultra-high-power mode, the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will last for up to three hours depending on what power level is used. The 4 Speed Massage Gun is easy to use, it is light in the hands and the powerful pulses do all the work for you, it is also incredibly quiet, some of these types of massagers can make a serious racket but this one wouldn’t draw attention in the gym or locker room after a workout. By using the Massage Gun after a workout out it will stimulate blood flow deep down into the muscles, this helps to decrease tightness, increase flexibility, and reduce next day soreness, it also aids in flushing away lactic acid. The 4 Speed can also be used to warm up tight muscles in just a few minutes, helping the body to get ready for exercise and reducing the risk of injury. It is hard to think of anything we didn’t love about the 4 Speed Massage Gun, it’s portable, super quiet and effective at getting deep into those muscles for faster recovery and pain relief. RRP £224.99

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One of the most versatile, quiet and functional percussion massaging guns we have come across.
  • Lightweight, comfortable to hold
  • Very quiet
  • Portable
  • 6 interchangeable massage heads
  • 4 speed levels
  • Handy carry case
  • Effective deep massaging