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There is nothing in this world quite like a deep tissue massage, for me the bliss is often ruined by my husband (my budget masseuse) complaining that his hands hurt and that it’s his turn after 2 minutes.

When the ReAthlete DEEP4 arrived, I was so excited to see what it could do, the first impression was that it looked rather intimidating, like an electric drill that was ready to beat the hell out of my muscles. The DEEP4 comes with five specialised heads, the Large EVA Ball with Comfort Tip is suitable for large muscle groups and the Small EVA Ball with Comfort Tip is ideal for small muscle groups. The Fork Leg Tip has been created for massaging the muscles either side of the spine, the Cone Trigger Point Tip is for pain point massages and simulates the feel of fingers whilst the Spade Tip is suited for back cervical muscles. This massager has four speed levels between 1200 and 3200 RPM, the Soft Massage can be used on sensitive areas, the Medium Massage is good for pectorals and larger areas whilst the more intense massages feel good on the glutes or back. The massage arm can be adjusted to three different angles via a push of the large button on the side, this helps you reach different areas of the body.

The built-in rechargeable battery can offer up to 3 hours on max mode and takes 1.5hours to fully recharge, the massage provides a 12mm stroke to help it break down knots, increase blood flow and release stored lactic acid. An LCD screen lets you know which setting you have selected and can be adjusted via a touch sensitive button. The buttons aren’t super quick in their responsiveness so it can be easy to press it too many times in the beginning. The massage gun is rather heavy which can make holding it at some angles tiring, for back and shoulders it is much easier to get someone else to hold it for you. The different heads are handy, the only one I found I gain little benefit from was the spade tip, it didn’t get into the muscles enough for me but could be useful for more sensitive areas. My only complaint is the handle could be slightly more ergonomic to make it easier to use on yourself, the quality of the massage is great, you can get right into the muscles and pinpoint the smallest of areas. Everything packs away into a high-quality carry case for portability, making it suitable for sports team warmups and recovery sessions, is it worth that great big price tag however, well I guess its cheaper than paying for a massage every week. RRP $269.99

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The DEEP4 provides a deep massage and the five interchangeable heads mean you can get into each and every muscle
  • 5 different heads
  • 4 speed levels
  • 3 adjustable angles
  • Up to 3hours battery life on max speed
  • Protective carry case
  • Enjoyable deep tissue massage
  • Quiet
  • Suitable for warm ups, post workout, relaxation and stress release
  • Expensive
  • Buttons slow to respond
  • Heavy
  • Handle could be more ergonomic