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Reusch Attrakt Speedbump Reusch Attrakt Speedbump
Reusch Attrakt Speedbump 5

Launched in May 2021 the Attrakt SpeedBump from Reusch is a high-quality goalkeeper glove made with revolutionary latex technology. Kept in a minimalistic white on white latex colorway, the SpeedBump palm foam offers maximum friction and unlimited control through the evenly placed geometric spikes. Based on the tacky Reusch Grip Gold latex, this 3D-technology guarantees a glue-like touch, maximum all-weather grip and reliable abrasion resistance.
Compared to plain latex surfaces, the 3D-shape of the SpeedBump™ spikes boosts the friction between the glove and the ball for best grip and control. The latex backhand on mesh base feels light and at the same time supportive.

This glove is ideal for a goalkeeper who wants a minimalist cut and not only do the SpeedBump™ spikes produce great friction but also really good shock absorption. The gloves are highly breathable throughout which has become synonymous with Reusch gloves and are true to size. RRP £80

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The All-Weather goalkeeper glove.
  • True to size
  • Great grip
  • Breathable
  • Nice cut
  • Flexible