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Salomon Aero Glide Salomon Aero Glide
Salomon Aero Glide 4

Salomon, based in France have been around since 1947 and have traditionally focussed on winter-wear, mainly as they are based in the French Alps! They’re stated goal is to “ change within our communities by creating more inclusive outdoor experiences.” and they aim to enable everyone that interacts with them, whether that is as a customer or supplier, to become an agent of change by ensuring items purchased have minimal impact on the environment. Through where and how they source their materials and even down to the chemical elements involved in the manufacturing processes, Salomon are very aware of their environmental impact.

Speaking of impact, that’s something that these shoes have covered. They seem to have been designed with flat surface running in mind rather than being an all-terrain piece of footwear (although, as I’m about to explain, don’t let that put you off!). The cushioning is extensive, providing a very light and bouncy feel when running. The drop (gap between heel and forefoot when standing still) is quite high at 10mm and better suits those who tend to land heel first when running. I can only assume this is a deliberate design feature so they can get all that cushioning in and it seems to work well. The tongue and collar are also fairly plush and snug fitting, giving you the confidence to just focus on your run.

The shoes come in 6 different colours and have quite a nice ‘back to basics’ design in my opinion, almost brings me to mind of buying trainers when I was a kid. The sole is pretty chunky too, so giving them an almost boot-like look to them. I can almost see them as a comfortable alternative for days when you’ll be mostly on your feet if you’re not in to that running thing! RRP £150

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A road running trainer for those looking for maximum cushioning and comfort..
  • Very cushioned
  • Look good
  • Comfortable
  • Environmentally sound
  • The in-sole sometimes has a tendency to slide back after a fair bit of use.