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Saysky Clean Flow Jacket Saysky Clean Flow Jacket
Saysky Clean Flow Jacket 4

If you’re in to outdoor running, you’ll already be aware that the kind of clothing you have is essential for maintaining good body temperature as you run. Too thick, you overheat and excessively sweat, too thin, you lose heat, potentially leading to all sorts of muscle problems, not to mention when it starts inconsiderately raining on you halfway through! A breathable top that is lightweight and has some waterproofing as well as some way to regulate air flow is the kind of thing you need and this Clean Flow jacket may be what you’re after.

The fabric making up this jacket is 92% polyester and 8% spandex, giving it a good level of stretchability and comfort. The hem and wrist cuffs are half elastic so you have a good seal that helps to keep your body heat in and the rain out. To help with air regulation, there are small holes in the sleeves near the cuffs and to the top of the back panel which all adds to the breathability of the garment. You may think these would be prime leaking points but this isn’t the case due to the construction and are essential to maintaining a good airflow, helping to regulate your body temperature as you go.

The jacket is lightweight, coming in at 104 grams for a men’s medium-size and, due to the material and construction, bundles up nice and small, allowing it to be transported easily stashed away while you’re running, ready to whip out as soon as the rain starts coming. It comes in a bright yellow, aiding visibility when out and about and also has a reflective heat transfer logo that shows up in dark conditions. The zips are solid and reliable but then, YKK are an established and well-known brand and generally are! RRP £153

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A lightweight running jacket made of breathable material that easily rolls up and fits in big pocket!
  • Bright colour
  • Breathable and lightly waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Sealed hem and collar
  • Only one reflective spot on the whole garment