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This year many of us have dusted the cobwebs off our bicycles, lockdown offered a chance to fall back in love with some hobbies that had been neglected up until the beginning of 2020, now the nights have drawn in it is important to get yourself the correct lighting to keep you safe on the road.

A decent bike light can easily be the difference of returning home with a bit of a sweat on and not returning at all. The Icon2 from See.Sense is a solid choice when it comes to bike lights with 300 lumens in the rear light and 400 lumens in the front, you get a total of 16 hours of run-time when using the full power reactive flash mode. The two lights use two different types of LEDS (for both a focused and dispersed beam), this will deliver a light beam that ensure you are visible up to 3km away and gives you 270° of side visibility. This light is certainly bright as you are sure to discover at some point when you, inevitability, switch it on whilst pointing it into your eyes (I can’t be the only one who makes that mistake) however, the Icon2 is more than just a bright light. What makes the Icon2 truly special is the intelligence features, there are times on the road that involve more risks than others and what this light does is recognise those moments.

The Icon2 will detect when you are slowing down toward a junction or coming up to car headlights which will trigger the light to start flashing brighter and faster to make sure you stand out. The See.Sense companion app allows for personalisation of the light settings and keep the firmware up to date; it is here you can check out the battery status and receive alerts straight to your phone. The Icon2 can detect road issues or unsafe routes you come across on the ride, these can then be shared via the app to help provide information to planners to upgrade roads and boost cycling safety overall. The data sent over is anonymous and when your lights are off, it is 100% switched off. This clever little light can also be set up to notify an emergency contact if you’re in a crash and receive notifications if your bike is moved when you’re not there. The See.Sense Icon2 is much more than a reliable light, it helps keep you and other cyclists safe on the road, not to mention it’s super easy to mount and remove for charging. RRP £149.99

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These powerful lights work have intelligent technology to keep you extra safe on the road.
  • Adapts to the road conditions
  • Bright front and rear light
  • 16hour battery life
  • Up to 3km visibility with 270° of side visibility
  • Easy to mount
  • Waterproof, IP67 rating
  • Emergency contact feature