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Soar Track Jacket Soar Track Jacket
Soar Track Jacket 4.5

It is super important to start any exercise with warm muscles to reduce the risk of damage and get the most out of your workout, equally when you have finished and its time to stretch things out you can find yourself feeling cold as your heart rate and breathing lowers.

The Track Jacket from Soar has been specifically designed for those beginning and endings but it can also be used for the entirety of the run on cooler days. Constructed with a Merino wool lining this jacket is naturally insulating without the bulk and naturally wicking, getting that cold sweat away from your skin keeping you warm and dry. The other bonus is that Merino wool is soft and gentle against the skin, reducing friction over repetitive movements, the cut of this jacket has been designed to be worn over a t shirt or vest but still has a tailored fit for less movement and irritation. The material is wonderfully stretchy in all directions letting your arms, shoulders and torso move freely whilst you warm up, run, and stretch. There is a full length zip for quick removal with a guard on the inside to prevent friction and a zip garage at the top, the zip pull is orange for easy locating but it a little on the small side which could make it fiddly for cold and gloved fingers.

There are two generously sized zip up pockets for storing essentials like a phone, car key, wallet or energy supplies, just be sure to lighten the load before you get seriously active as heavy items will bounce about. The bound hem and cuffs keep out the cold, increase aerodynamics as well as reducing movement, the entire jacket is lightweight and will pack down into a compact piece to squeeze into a small bag or can be tied around the waist. The Soar Track Jacket is a weighty investment but it will become a staple exercise partner, joining you on sessions, keeping you warm at the beginning and after exercises, its comfortable fit and flattering look means you will even find yourself wearing it on rest days. RRP £235

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This track jacket will be there for you before and after runs, keeping your warm, comfortable and looking good.
  • Highly functional
  • Perfect for warm up, warm down and pre/post run
  • Two generous zip pockets
  • Merino wool lining
  • Naturally insulating and wicking
  • Flattering tailored fit
  • Reflective trim
  • Only black or navy available
  • Not the cheapest