The Review Smiths

At first look the SPRYNG calf wraps look like a cross between a shin pad and a waterproof leg warmer, what on earth is it and why would I want one? Well, these wraps are in fact compression massage purposely built to help aid the recovery of those calf muscles whether its from an intense workout or from sitting for a long time. The SPRYNG comes in five different colours all with a geometric style patterns that adds to the impression you are using some clever, modern technology, they are powered via individual rechargeable batteries making them highly portable and allowing you to move around freely whilst wearing them. The wraps are made up of a soft inner material, a durable outer material and fix comfortably around the calf with Velcro, it then uses the dynamic Wavetec pattern which slowly compresses the muscle which replicates the normal physiology of the leg. This action helps to aid the blood circulation, pumping it towards the heart which reduces swelling, helps to promote the stable alignment of muscle fibres and flush out lactic acid for faster recovery, muscle repair and reduction in discomfort.

This treatment prevents blood from pooling in the muscle which can be caused by blood rushing to support the area when it’s working hard during exercise or long periods of inactivity as roughly 90% of blood returning to your heart from your legs is directed that way from the calf muscles pumping action. So how does all this activity feel on your legs, well actually pretty amazing, the treatment lasts 15minutes which means you can use it in between workouts for a quick refresh before starting again. The pneumatic compression combines three actions, pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release, offers two modes, the graduated compression pattern mode (a green light will indicate option) and the second pulsatile compression pattern mode (blue light), both combined are recommend for improving blood circulation and reduce leg swelling. There are three intensity levels to choose from too, 50, 80 and 110mmHg, if you have put your legs through their paces the highest level sits right on the boarder of pain and pleasure, but it feels amazing afterwards. The SPRYNG doesn’t come with a low-price tag but if you consider the cost of massages, the portability of this device, how good it feels and the potential life saving benefits for some we believe it is worth the money. RRP $299

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These compression wraps boost calf circulation helping everyone to gym bunnies to people stuck at a desk all day.
  • 15minute treatments
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Prevents the risks associated with blood pooling
  • Comfortable and quick to fit
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Flushes lactic acid
  • Legs feel lighter and refreshed
  • Hefty initial investment