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As much as golf looks like it should be as simple as whacking a ball in a hole there are a whole load of different things happening, from the beginning of your swing all the way through to contact, if your form is off at any stage it will dramatically change the outcome of your swing.

The Swing Align, as the name suggests is an alignment correction tool to make sure you take consistently accurate shots, the Swing Align comes in two sizes, the Standard fits biceps under 13.5″ in circumference while hanging at rest and the XL fits on your legs for lower body drills, or on biceps over 13.5″. The basic idea is that you use the cuffs and rods to ensure your body holds the correct position during the movement. The Swing Align can help with your alignment by making setting up your target as easy as looking down, your rotation, by getting the rod perpendicular to the target line, your connection, by using the connection belt to guide your swing and keeping your arms and body synchronized and finally your swing plane, by ensuring the rod is horizontal at the top to check you have stayed on the correct swing plane.

This device allows you to both see and feel a perfectly connected swing, once you have felt the correct position regularly enough it will become second nature until you can do it without the use of the trainer. The Swing Align takes a little getting used to at first, especially if you have been holding the wrong form for a long time, it is easy to use however, attach the cuffs to your arms just above the elbows, the rod connects the two cuffs for you to see your body line, the adjustable connection belt keeps the arms and torso working in perfect unison. If you are looking to improve your golf alignment and swing rotation this is a simple and effective way, much cheaper than a coach and much easier to stuff in your sports bag when you are finished.

For improvement on your short game an additional short rod can be added to the setup, this will teach the short game connection, control, and consistency, it allows for a repeatable short game swing and putting stroke whilst promoting better distance control on and around the green. This can also help you learn and maintain in one simple process and works for all short shots including full swings, pitches, chips and putts, just light the rest of the kit it teaches you via both visual and muscle memory. RRP $119.95

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Correct your alignment instantly with this handy training aid.
  • Easy to use
  • Effective training aid
  • Portable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Low cost
  • Can take some getting used to