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Tannus Men’s Razor Blade 26” Tannus Men’s Razor Blade 26”
Tannus Men’s Razor Blade 26” 5

We have two bikes in the shed which haven’t been taken out for over a year due to punctures and because of this I have been going for runs for exercise rather than cycling. I then came across the brand Tannus who are known for their puncture proof tyres and we have since reviewed two of the Men’s razor blade 26” models replacing the old punctured tyres on one of the bikes.
First thing I remembered was how calf centric running is and how quad centric cycling is and how my quads wanted to remind me of that cycle ride two days later with the doms.

The Razor Blade from Tannus tyres alleviates the threat of a flat tyre through the use of patented Aither 1.1. By using this puncture proof tyre, Tannus has found the guaranteed way to stay flat free and smiling for 5000 miles guaranteed (not including motorized and e-bikes as the tread will burn out quicker).

The ride was smooth and felt no different to riding on a normal air filled tyre, set up was simple and coming back to the bike a few weeks later it was such a treat not having to get the pump out and that will take some getting used to.

The Razor Blade Aither II is the best alternative for hybrid bikes and neighbourhood cruisers alike because it holds up through all kinds of abuse. The heat of summer, moisture of spring, or cold of winter only make this tyre more attractive because temperature and moisture doesn’t impact the performance, unlike standard air-filled tyres. Another point of interest is the Blade’s tread pattern that provides tremendous traction in sand, snow, and on the road, while boasting a similar weight to a standard tyre, tube, and wheel-strip combination. The Razor Blade will keep you rolling through any condition and isn’t affected by thorns, nails, glass, or even pinch flats. RRP £54.99 per tyre.

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Be careless with airless tyres.
  • Airless
  • Simple setup
  • 5000 Miles lifespan
  • No pump
  • No punctures