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Along with the Orange Whip we were also sent the Orange Peel. With golf being a rather seasonal sport, it is great to have the option to train from the comfort of your own home on those bad weather days.

This rather bulky piece of kit measures up at 44 x 24 inches and weighs a rather hefty 15lbs, its low profile means it can be tucked under a bed or stood up in a cupboard when not in use but doesn’t make it easily portable. So, how can this bizarre looking body board help with your golf swing, well standing in your kitchen and repeating your swing is all well and good however the golfing green isn’t made up of flat Karndean but rather constantly undulating grass and sand, even the flat bits can have a cheeky gradient.

That’s where standing on this concave platform helps out, with a slight shift of your feet you can mimic the slopes of the green that can throw off your swing form. With so many different elements making up the perfect form of a golf swing, balance is the foundation of this dynamic motion and this powerful swing can easily throw you off balance, especially at awkward angles. The Orange Peel has been designed to alter static and vigorous balance positions, similar to standing at the bottom of a sphere, the Peel creates a slight inward pressure in the feet and legs, this helps stabilize and support the hips and core area.

When practising with the Orange Whip or a regular golf club it is easier to stay balanced and learn the proper rotary motion. With regular use the Orange Peel can increase stability and promotes better rhythm and tempo in the swing over time by working that core and your legs whilst increasing your flexibility. The Orange Peel can be used to improve your short game too, when your lead foot is placed on the centre circle it is actually on the floor, this raises the back leg and encourages the weight forward and body release.
There are so many golf accessories out there claiming to help improve your game but this odd-looking contraption can genuinely help you improve your swing on those tricky gradients and mix up the angles to keep up the challenge. RRP $179

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A genuinely effective golf training aid.
  • Not particularly portable