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TRX Home2 System TRX Home2 System
TRX Home2 System 5

During our recent lockdown a lot of people turned to exercise to keep themselves feeling positive and healthy, however bulky workout gear isn’t always the most practical choice in the home.

That’s why the TRX Home2 System makes such a good choice for home, whatever your body size you can effectively use your body weight to work out. The Home2 consists of the TRX Home2 Suspension Trainer, a door anchor, suspension anchor, mesh carry bag and one year’s free subscription to the TRX app. This is perfect for beginners or exercise enthusiasts alike, if you have ever seen the straps in the gym and walked past them through fear of embarrassing yourself you can now comfortably get to grips with them with only the cat to witness slip ups. These straps may look super simple when compared to some other work out equipment but believe it or not they can be used to successfully burn fat, build lean muscle, improve cardio and flexibility and can work out the upper body, lower body and core.

When hanging the suspension trainer directly overhead it allows for a huge range of body positions and movements, whilst the door anchor gives you another convenient location to work out. When it comes to using the door anchor, make sure you are using a proper interior door, do not expect the wardrobe door to hold your weight. The combination of anchors means you can work out in your living room, bedroom or outside with the help of a tree allowing you to mix up your location without committing to one area. When the work out is over pack everything away into the handy storage bag.

There is plenty advice on how to hang and set up the straps correctly and once it is set up the app will walk you through the basics including the seven most foundational movements, so you are confident that you are getting the form right. The adjustable foot cradles give a stable balance and will definitely mix up your workout, if you have never had your feet suspended before you are in for a treat and will get to muscles you never knew you had. This compact kit can transform your whole body, it is made to the highest standard giving you confidence that it can hold your weight. The adjustable straps give an infinite number of exercises to keep things interesting and allowing you to progress to as you become fitter and stronger. A great all-round workout system. RRP £169.95

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This suspension system proves that bulky and expensive equipment isn’t necessary for a full body home workout.
  • Great value for money
  • Robust construction
  • Two mounting options
  • Highly versatile
  • 1 year free app subscription
  • Portable
  • Compact