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Vivobarefoot Geo Racer 2 Vivobarefoot Geo Racer 2
Vivobarefoot Geo Racer 2 4.5

From an incredibly young age we are putting our feet into shoes with lots of cushioning and a thick sole to protect our delicate feet, however our feet are already designed perfectly to walk, run and play just the way they are. The Geo Racer 2, a new range from Vivobarefoot aim to bring your feet closer to nature in both a physical and anatomical sense, the idea is that by moving away from cushioned footwear we strengthen the muscles in our feet and ankles, thus reducing the risk of injury. The Geo Racer 2 comes in Obsidian and Sea Green in the men’s range (sizes 6-14) and Obsidian and Misty Rose in women’s (sizes 3-9), these shoes have been designed to keep up with you whether you are running, walking or working out. These shoes are created with a foot shape instead of a shoe shape, if you are new to this style of shoe the first noticeable thing is how much wider they feel than a regular shoe.

This means that the front of the foot can spread out with each step and naturally expand as it becomes warmer, this encourages the use of your natural stability in the ball of the foot and toes. The thin sole delivers constant feedback of the terrain under your feet for a full sensory experience, the 4mm sole puts the minimum between your feet and the earth.

This means you will have to concentrate on your form, especially when running and engage muscles that otherwise would be left out, the sole will still give you some added grip and the bonded reinforced overlays protect your feet from the less desirable things found on the fall, especially in urban areas. The sole is ultra-supple too, this allows your foot to move entirely naturally, again testing all the tiny muscles that have probably had an easy ride so far and working on your foot and ankles flexibility. The soft upper protects the top of the foot from brambles or other damaging debris whilst allowing the elements to reach the foot, this includes the rain and puddles, we told you it was a full sensory experience. This (Re)new and improved design uses fewer material sources and more sustainable materials to reduce the impact on the planet, by using recycled materials and reusing post-consumer plastic waste it helps reduce the waste heading to landfill. These shoes are also vegan and cruelty free and continuing Vivo’s eco-friendly ethics once you are done with these shoes you can return them to to be recycled and reused. The Geo Racer 2 are good all-rounders that can ease you into the barefoot life from the odd walk all the way through to regular running, we also love how hard Vivobarefoot works to protect the natural world so we can enjoy getting out into it. RRP £115

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The new Geo Racer 2 barefoot shoes are a good way to introduce yourself into the barefoot world, starting with the odd workout and short walk all the way through to running.
  • Breathable and supple upper
  • Wide fit for natural foot movement
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Flexible and grippy 4mm outsole
  • Return to be recycled at the end of their life
  • Good all-rounders