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Wearable X Nadi X Wearable X Nadi X
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When so much of our lives moved into the virtual world it was soon clear that somethings worked better over video call than others, for example it’s easier to explain a star jump over Zoom than reverse warrior yoga pose.

A slight adjustment of the hips can make all the difference between a wobbly pose to a strong foundation. The Wearable X Nadi X yoga pants aim to give you the gentle corrections in your positions when practising yoga at home away from the instructor, eliminating the fear that some might have of attempting a downward dog around other people for the first time. The Nadi X are more than just a pair of flattering yoga pants, they have sensors embedded in the fabrics which monitor your movements and guide you through vibrations and audio props, don’t worry the technology doesn’t stop you from throwing them in the washing machine (just remove the Pulse) at the end of a sweaty session and even in the tumble dryer ready for the next round.

The Pulse is the rechargeable module that powers the Nadi X, to activate just double tap it until the light starts blinking white, then connect it to your smart phone via Bluetooth, it then clips into the pants behind the left knee. You can adjust the vibration strength and use the app to select your workout, the audio guidance then talks you through the class with vibrations around your hips, knees and ankles teaching and directing your moves and letting you know if you are in the correct position at the end of each pose. The app allows you to play with a few poses for free but to access the classes you will need to sign up to the subscription service, it appears that the app is only currently available on iOS devices.

The other issue is that the sensors are only working from the hips down, this means your upper bodies form goes unchecked, this could make poses like arm balances more risky without the appropriate guidance. These technical yoga pants are really interesting, the pants themselves are very comfortable and flattering with the added tech having little impact on the fit but whether they are worth the money depends on what you are looking to get out from your yoga session. If you are looking for a more meditative/mindful practice the sensors and app might be distracting but if you are looking to give yoga a try on your own terms but not ready to commit to expensive studio prices the Naxi X is a good introductory teacher. RRP $249

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A clever way to get accurate feedback on your form whilst practising yoga alone.
  • Intuitive, physical feedback in real time
  • Comfortable and flattering design
  • Accurate sensors
  • Washing machine/tumble dryer friendly
  • Good range of classes and poses available
  • Only guides lower body
  • iOS app only