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The first thing you notice about the Zepp E is the clean and stylish design, we received the Polar Night Black with a circular watch face and genuine leather strap, unlike some other fitness watches you could wear this to the most elegant event, and it wouldn’t look out of place, which is why the price is as high as it is.

It features a pure black 3D curved bezel-less glass front that creates a seamless shape with smooth lines, its 9mm thickness prevents it from catching on sleeves or in pockets and makes it comfortable to wear day and night. The 1.28” Circular AMOLED screen produces 326 PPI resolution and has an ‘Always-On Display’ which means just a tap or wiggle will bring it back to life. This actually backfired at night as rolling over or switching positions could activate the bright screen, an automatic night mode would be handy to avoid this. This watch can track 11 different exercises including running, cycling, climbing and swimming thanks to the 5m water resistance (this also means you can keep it on in the shower after your workout). The bio-tracking optical sensor on the inside of the watch which looks to measure the blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2) and your heart rate to give an insight into your health when working out, it will also break it down into four levels relaxed, normal, medium or high.

As well as tracking your fitness progressions the Zepp E also uses these levels to give feed back on your stress levels, when you feel anxious turn on real-time stress tracking mode to record 24/7 stress level. The Zepp records your exercises with the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) which combines your data and turns it into a single metric making it easier to understand your physical state at a glance. The Zepp E will track sleep stages at night, and can differentiate between light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) and awake time for a comprehensive insight into your sleep quality with a score on sleep quality and breathing quality. You can set goals to stay motivated including steps taken, calories burned and activity intensity, the sedentary reminders and active hours will prompt you to get moving more. The watch can always display the time on the screen with dozens of always-on patterns available to choose from on the app, the single button and touch sensitive screen makes it easy to navigate the menus with the more frequently used features just one swipe away.

The Zepp E battery should last for up to 7 days with typical use however the always on feature will drain it quicker, it charges up again via the magnetic charging base in just two hours. The watch and the app are straightforward to navigate, however it cannot be connected to other third-party apps like Apple Health or Google Fit, you can set up to receive notifications straight to the watch, you are unable to reply but it lets you check in and stay connected when working out. The Zepp E comes with lots of useful features and that oh so chic design, however for the price it is lacking built in GPS, third party app integration and the lack of an automatic night mode. If you are looking for a beautiful watch that doesn’t overwhelm you with stats, can collect the data automatically with minimum effort from you and focuses on fitness above all else the Zepp E could be just right for you. RRP £179

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The features in the watch might not blow you away with their uniqueness but the gorgeous design certainly will.
  • Accurate health and activity tracking
  • 11 Sports Modes
  • Ultra-slim, elegant design
  • Sleep quality monitoring
  • Waterproof
  • Clear and bright screen
  • Menus and app easy to use
  • Measure blood oxygen and heart rate
  • Battery life shorter with Always On display
  • Straps not interchangeable
  • Not compatible with third party apps
  • Cannot respond to notifications
  • Always On display annoying at night