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Cycling, one of the most efficient individual modes of transport out there and all powered by the rider. Not to mention it’s quite fun too! A great form of exercise and a great way of sharing time with family and friends as well. It’s also great from a practical point of view too, for those short commutes to work or trips to the shop. So, at first, I struggled to see the advantage of having an e-bike, doesn’t it take away from what a bike is for? Well, no, not really.

If you’re a courier, regularly cycle to work or are just starting and haven’t yet built up the fitness needed to rely purely on yourself, this device turns your regular cycle in to an ebike and can be very useful in helping you to conserve energy. It can fit on either the front or back wheel and uses a wireless sensor to activate. The battery is good for about 24 miles so is ideal for short to medium journeys and it only takes about 4 hours to charge up. You can also download the Zipforce app so that you can control it with your phone mounted on the handlebars to save you having to reach forward and adjust while riding (there’s an assistance level function on there that allows you to tamper with how much help you’re getting from the Slim) and it will allow you to go up to the heady speed of 15.5 mph (the legal maximum for an ebike). I’m not being flippant, you really do feel like you’re going super-fast!

Given that brand new ebikes clock in at over £1000 for a half-decent model, this is a good choice if you’re looking to reduce travel times and conserve energy. Plus, you get to keep your own bike!
RRP: 590 Euros (about £515 at time of writing) – Note: couldn’t find a £ price anywhere

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Cheaper than buying a whole ebike, this is a good way to convert your existing bike and save yourself some energy for the day ahead.
  • Great energy saver
  • Cheaper than a car
  • Ideal for city living
  • No need to fork out for a brand new ebike
  • Still a lot of money – plenty of cycling trips before it pays for itself needed!