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The Viper sunglasses might look like an attractive yet standard pair of glasses from a distance, however up close it is obvious there is more to them, they have combined two products in one by adding bone conductive speakers into the frame.

We received the Viper in matte black, along with the glasses we received the black and orange carry case (sold separately), these strong cases protect the glasses and provide a place for storing the charging cable and spare lenses. Speaking of spare lenses, the Vipers are interchangeable, giving you a whole range of options for various light conditions. We received seven spare lenses including a clear set, red, green, purple and blue as well as two different greys, all lenses have 100% UV400 protection, polarizing finish, hard surface coating with drop ball test and FDA, CE, RoHS certification. Starting with the visuals these shades look great on, the ear temples are a lot chunkier than regular glasses, this has a slight effect on the comfort, especially around the ears but not until after extended periods of wear.

The new Vibra speakers sit just in front of the ears on the temples, it is worth saying now it is pointless trying to compare these to regular headphones or earbuds these are a completely different product. You will not get an immersive experience with these but that is the point, they allow you to hear both your tunes and the world around you, the sound quality is a little thin with a soft level of bass, but you quickly get used to it as an enjoyable background noise rather than a distraction. The benefit of this is that you can wear these glasses cycling, running or other sports activities whilst being aware of your surroundings. The sound does leak so if you have music playing on the bus you may be less than popular. Another handy way to use them is to receive navigation notifications, allowing you to keep your head up whilst hiking, running or walking without getting lost.

The Vipers connect over Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection, you can activate your phones Siri or Google Assistant and take calls hands free (although the quality isn’t great for long conversation its good enough for a quick chat). The Vipers have an IPX4 rating making them both splash and sweat resistant, the battery life isn’t great with just four hours per charge, it takes just under an hour to recharge and requires its own special charger. These glasses are fairly niche but will certainly be a game changer for some, they have more of a fashion design than a sports design, but the audio is more suited for sports, they are a little heavy when compared to traditional running glasses which could put some off. RRP £182

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A unique product that combines headphones and sunglasses, we would love to see a sportier version aimed at runners.
  • Excellent optics
  • Continue to safely hear the world around you
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Hands free calls and voice assistant
  • Short battery life
  • Only charges via its own special cable
  • No case included with the glasses
  • Temples thicker than traditional glasses
  • Fashionable style classes with the sporty functionality