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Axwell Wallet Aluminium Axwell Wallet Aluminium
Axwell Wallet Aluminium 4

You would think a metal wallet would be an unwelcome addition to your pocket wouldn’t you? All those straight edges and it must be massive right? Well, this isn’t a wallet how you may think of it, it’s more of a card holder really. Given that most store transactions are carried out with card payments these days and physical cash is becoming less and less common (especially since they increased the contactless payment limit to £100), it actually has more appeal than it would have done say 3-4 years ago.

It can store up to 12 cards, although if you have lots of raised characters on your cards that will bulk it out some and you’re obviously going to fit less than that in but who has that many cards that they actually use?! The shell of the wallet is made from thick aerospace aluminium and is pretty tough so it’s going to last a long time (comes with a lifetime warranty) It’s not just any old metal however: it’s been designed to block RFID (Radio Frequency Identification – the technology they use to remotely read your card details) signals so you can walk around safe in the knowledge you’re not going to have your personal information stolen as a result.

The Axwell Wallet fits nicely in your pocket, taking up far less room than a traditional, material wallet and also has mag-locks to keep it sealed (and if you’re worried about magnets damaging your cards, most of them don’t have magnetic strips on them any more and those that do would require a much stronger magnet than this has to affect them). Finally it comes with a strap and a cash clip for your notes and the cover plates are interchangeable so you can customise it to your taste. RRP £89

4 out of 5

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A secure and light, yet tough way to carry your useful and important cards.
  • RFID blocking
  • Fits comfortably in your pocket
  • Long-lasting
  • Cash is still a thing and loose coins could end up being an un-welcome addition in your pocket.