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Blazewear Heated Explorer Jacket Blazewear Heated Explorer Jacket
Blazewear Heated Explorer Jacket 5

Blazewear is a British based company that produce warm outdoor clothing that can give you a heated boost when you need it, the Explorer Jacket may simply look like a stylish outdoor coat but it can be super charged at the point for purchase for an extra toasty advantage.

The Explorer starts at £199.99, this will get you a high quality, insulated, thermal jacket, but, for an extra £49.99 the 5V Rechargeable Jacket and Gilet USB Power Bank is available, or for an extra £89.99 the 5V Rechargeable Jacket and Gilet Twin USB Power Bank Pack is included.

This jacket has been designed for optimum warmth, as well as durability and breathability, with the heat packs included this rugged jacket provides versatile protection against even the harshest weather. The outer fabric is breathable [MVP] 3000 g/m2 and waterproof 3000 mm H20, constructed from 100% polyester, the end result being a flexible and comfortable fit, with superior weather protection, the dense wadding helps to keep you toasty whilst the detachable hood shields you from the rain and can be removed to reduce bulk on dry days.

The spacious exterior pockets give you a place to store your essentials, the fleece lining helps them to double up as hand warmers when you haven’t got your gloves on, there is an internal media device pocket with easy headphone access. The outer shell is wind and water resistant and the entire jacket is machine washable, the THERMOLITE insulation technology is lightweight and high performing for excellent insulation and even heat distribution and retention.

The Explorer is a great jacket and we haven’t even got to the best part yet, the state-of-the-art TriZone Heat Technology is comprised of a heat element that is purpose-developed with flexible carbon fibres, this means you can compress and fold the jacket like normal without damaging the technical integrity. The heat zone is powered by an extended life rechargeable USB power bank, a single power bank will provide up to 13hours of heat, the temperature has three different settings and is adjustable up to 55°C, if you are in a tight spot the power bank can even be used to charge your mobile phone. The Explorer Jacket is a high-quality thermal jacket, when you add the TriZone Heat technology it becomes an unstoppable force against the bad weather, there is nothing to lose with investing in this jacket. RRP from £199.99

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This is an awesome product that looks great is easy to use
  • THERMOLITE® insulation
  • TriZone Heat Technology
  • Detachable hood
  • Internal media device pocket
  • Two external concealed pockets
  • Fleece-lined pockets
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Machine washable
  • 13 hours of heat
  • Mobile device charging
  • Three adjustable heat settings for temperatures of up to 55°C