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Ekster Modular Bi-Fold Reinvented Wallet Ekster Modular Bi-Fold Reinvented Wallet
Ekster Modular Bi-Fold Reinvented Wallet 4

The Modular Bi-Fold wallet is Ekster’s most traditional looking wallet, no metal or pop-up cards in this wallet but as to be expected from this brand it holds a few tricks up its sleeves. It comes in three colours, Black, Brown and the Caramel version we received, it measures up at 1.1 x 8.2 x 21.5cm that’s about normal height and length for a wallet but slimmer than we are used to seeing.

The modular bi fold has been created to adapt to your needs whilst at the same time removing the hassle of transferring cards between wallets. It can fit over 12 cards however they recommend up to 9 to maintain that slim profile, it can also hold more than 10+ bank notes of all currencies. Constructed from top-grain leathers that are tanned under gold-rated environmental protocols using ECCO Leather’s new DriTan technology, this creates a minimal impact on the planet. As with all leather the wallet will age gracefully over time with the wear of your day-to-day life leaving beauty marks on its surface. Inside the wallet is a removable magnetic cardholder, this compartment has four card slots and can quickly be removed when you want to travel light. This section is also handy to store a travel card or bank card for fast contactless transactions.

To protect you on your travels the wallet also has RFID blocking technology and a discrete compartment to tuck away notes and can be used for a small amount of coins. The magnets on the card holder only attach correctly in one direction so you need to ensure the ‘E’ logo is face down, a different colour leather on the right side would make it much easier to identify in low light. The magnets can be dislodged with a vigorous shake, this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue in everyday life but does mean if the wallet gets dropped or drunken flamboyancy ensues the card holder could go flying.

Just like all the Ekster wallets you can add the Optional Tracker Card for $49, a solar powered ultra slim tracking device with a two-way ringing system, it connects to a worldwide lost and found platform, Bluetooth up to 60m and can even be used to take group selfies and is voice-activated and compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. If you love the Ekster brand but prefer a more conventional style wallet the Modular Bi-Fold Reinvented Wallet is a solid choice. RRP $89 Modular

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A more traditional looking wallet but with a few Ekster surprises
  • Removable magnetic cardholder
  • Four quick access card slots
  • Stores 12+ cards and 10+ bills
  • Coin compartment/secret pocket
  • Removable magnetic cardholder (holds 8+ cards once removed)
  • Sustainable LWG gold-rated tanneries, with DriTan technology
  • Magnets only connect one direction
  • Card holder can be dislodged with a strong shake